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Freezer Repair

freezers repairThere’s a good reason freezers are some of the commonest appliances at home. Most of us wish our foods would last longer than they normally do, and freezers help make those wishes true. With an efficient freezer, your veggies, fruits, meat and dairy products can stay fresh for days. If you buy these products in bulk, therefore, you are spared visiting the grocery store frequently and, in the end, get to save significantly on fuel and time. But freezers aren’t beneficial to smart shoppers alone; these appliances also come in handy for folks who love gardening and almost always have fresh foods they need to store in the house. If you’re into hunting or fishing, a freezer helps you keep your meat or fish fresh for a long time. In grocery stores and food businesses, commercial freezers are beneficial in keeping products fresh till they can be bought by customers. Such valuable appliances, therefore, need proper care to serve you for as long possible. One of the ways to care for your freezer is by addressing any defects the moment you spot them.

 Top Freezer Defects You Need to be Watching Out For

While freezers come in dozens of models and brands, these appliances typically face similar repair issues from time to time. Some of the common freezer defects you need to be watching out for include:

  • The freezer will not turn on at all
  • The appliance will not cool
  • The freezer is overcooling
  • The appliance does not defrost
  • The machine is leaking water
  • The appliance takes longer than usual to cool
  • The freezer maker a lot of noise when running
  • He cycling off feature of the freezer isn’t working
  • The freezer’s door doesn’t function properly

If you have noticed any of these issues, it is crucial that you act right away. Keep in mind that most freezer defects, if not dealt with, can quickly become worse. If your freezer has stopped cooling or will no longer come on, then it no use to you, and it’s only a matter of time before all the food you’ve kept in there starts to go bad. A leaking or noisy freezer can be quite irritating. Sometimes, a defective freezer will still cool, but its efficiency is highly compromised, which results in more energy consumption and, consequently, higher power bills. These are just some of the reasons to opt for a fast solution when your freezer has become defective.

Here’s The Best Solution to Freezer Defects

Generally, there are two approaches to dealing with freezer defects. The first approach is to simply buy a new freezer and replace the defective one. The challenge with adopting this approach is that you end up spending hundreds of dollars, so unless you are sure that there’s no hope for your defective freezer, you should generally veer from this solution. The second option is to get your freezer repaired. This solution is both effective and affordable. Freezer defects are almost always reparable, provided you are working with a technician who knows what they are doing. You can contact us at Newport Appliance Repair to troubleshoot your freezer and fix it in no time.

Why Choose Us?

Finding an appliance repair service you can trust is not as easy it seems, given the numerous appliance repair companies out there. At Newport Appliance Repair, we’ve been providing lasting repair solutions for commercial and household appliances for many years. We have a large team of vastly experienced appliance repair technicians who are always o call to repair your appliances. Our experts are EPA certified, so you can rest assured that your freezer is in the right hands. Your convenience is very valuable to us, so we go above and beyond to repair your appliance the same day you call us. To ensure that the problem will not recur, we usually use top quality replacement parts that come with a warranty. We also provide the most affordable rates in the region.

We Can Repair All Brands!

Our experts can comfortably handle a wide variety of appliance brands including Kitchen Aid, Subzero, Wolf, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Viking, Samsung, Thermador, GE, Bosch, Scotsman, GE, Westinghouse, Electrolux, LG, DCS, Scotsman and many more.

Our services are available 24/7.

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